General Terms & Conditions of GMAT Amsterdam

  1. GMAT Amsterdam is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 56857780. GMAT Amsterdam has its main office at Haparandaweg 758, 1013 BD Amsterdam
  2. Payment of the course is due before the start of the course.
  3. Break time is included in the course times.
  4. If the course participant misses a lesson, GMAT Amsterdam will try to offer an alternative date for this lesson on a “best effort” basis. If this is not possible, the participant will not be given a retribution of (a part of) the tuition fee or any other compensation. Under normal circumstances, a participant is expected to miss one lesson at most. GMAT Amsterdam will not arrange for more than one alternative date per course of 4 sessions.
  5. Cancellation of a course is allowed no later than 7 days after booking a course. After this date, no refunds will be given. If a cancellation is made within 2 weeks before a course starts, only 50% of the course will be refunded.
  6. GMAT Amsterdam is not accountable for any damages resulting from a less than desirable score on your personal GMAT test.
  7. GMAT Amsterdam will respond to any complaint about its’ products or services within 14 days, and will actively try to come to a desirable solution to all parties.