Meet Our Team

  • Jasper van Aalst
    Jasper van Aalst Co-founder / General Manager

    Jasper is an entrepreneur with various projects in education. As co-founder of GMAT Amsterdam, Jasper is responsible for the general management of the training platform.

  • Jasper Reinders
    Jasper Reinders Co-founder / Principal Instructor

    Jasper is one of the founders of GMAT Amsterdam, and primarily responsible for teaching and program development. Jasper has a Degree in both Mathematics and Physics, and has worked as a teacher for the University of Amsterdam (UvA) for many years.

  • Marco Stoffelen
    Marco Stoffelen Quantitative Instructor

    Marco is a teacher in mathematics and physics. Besides tutoring pupils and preparing them for their exams, Marco is also a teaching assistant for several bachelor courses at Utrecht University. He works for GMAT Rotterdam because he can combine his passion for teaching with his interest in math. Outside the classroom, Marco likes cycling and playing football.

  • Jowita Osinga
    Jowita Osinga Quantitative Instructor

    Jowita studies economics and econometrics at the University of Amsterdam. She works for GMAT Amsterdam because she likes math and helping others, which is something she can combine well while instructing the quantitative part of the GMAT. Besides this, Jowita is passionate about travelling the world and discovering new cities, cultures and food while meeting new people.

  • Jules Vugts
    Jules Vugts Quantitative instructor

    Jules is currently following a Premaster in International Business Administration at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. After his Premaster, he would like to pursue a Master in Finance & Investments. Jules has always
    been good at mathematics and he enjoys helping other people reaching their GMAT goals. He is also an example of the possibility to improve your GMAT skills. On his first attempt he scored 550 on the GMAT exam,
    but on his second try he scored an impressive 690!

  • Jeroen Smits
    Jeroen Smits Verbal instructor

    After finishing his education in Hospitality Management, Jeroen decided to develop his hospitality skills even further, by moving abroad and putting the theory into practice. After working in Canada, he moved on to working in Ireland. In order to broaden his horizon, he decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Strategic Entrepreneurship at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. In his spare time, Jeroen enjoys running and playing trumpet.