About the GMAT Score

The GMAT score ranges between 200 and 800. Note that this score is only based on the Quantitative and Verbal section. Each (pre)master or MBA program determines his own minimum entrance score. It depends on the school you are applying for whether the other components (AWA and IR) are also assessed. For almost all Dutch programs this is not the case. Scores can be sent automatically to the school you are applying to.

The GMAT score is an absolute score. But you also receive percentile score. This score indicates how you score compared to the other people in the last three years. The percentile rank of your score shows you the percentage of tests takers with scores lower than you. Every year, each test taker’s score is updated with the most recent year’s percentiles. connected.

When you have taken the GMAT and you would like to find information on your performance and a more complete overview of how you did on your exam, get your Enhanced Score Report (ESR). Your ESR gives you a detailed analysis of your performance—by question type, areas for focus, and pacing—so you can fine-tune your preparation and do even better next time around.

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