Why preparation for the GMAT is so important?

Preparation for the GMAT is an absolute must! The GMAT is most likely the most difficult admissions test out there. There are obvious reasons based on content why people find it difficult. However, we would like to point out some lesser known aspects of the GMAT that make the test something that you are totally not used to. Check out these three character traits of the GMAT that will put you to the challenge:

First of all the test computer is adaptive. That means that everybody gets a personal test. Moreover, the test gets harder when you give a correct answer.

In addition, for each section there is a strict time limit. If all goes well you to a point where the questions are to difficult to answer within the time available. How do you deal with this fact? In the end you will have to have answered the questions. This requires a clear strategy!

Finally, your endurance is tested. The GMAT takes long and it is an exhausting battle. The above reasons require non-stop concentration while you are constantly under pressure. You must ensure that you are well prepared! Compare it to training for a marathon: the structure and the proper dosage is very important!

Computer Adaptive
Time Constraint

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