What course do i need?

The GMAT is not only about your mathematical skills or your level of English. In general there is a big focus on reasoning skills. Therefore, our courses are designed to make you understand the logic behind GMAT problems. The courses and our additional services will help you with your preparation for the GMAT test, by providing you all the theory and tips and tricks that you need to reach the score you are aiming for.

Below you will be given an overview of the courses we advise you to take, based on the GMAT score you’re aiming for. The essential courses will help you with your GMAT preparation and give you an overview of your knowledge and skills so far. The additional courses will help you lift your knowledge and your GMAT skills to (further) improve your results.

Essential courses

550 – 600 score

For a 550 – 600 score, you’ll need to study quite hard, as respectively only about 50% – 38% of all test takers achieve that score. Of course you will need to learn all the required theory, but to pass the GMAT you will also have to practise lots of questions and focus on your time management strategy. To save time and improve results, we recommend you to take the following courses:

600 – 650 score

A score of 600-650 is above average, which means that this score requires some extra work, time and determination. When you are aiming for a score of 600 – 650, we advise you to take our recommended courses to get an overview of your knowledge and skills. Afterwards we recommend to take a few 1 on 1 sessions for some extra directed practise.

650+ Score

A 650+ score is considered reasonably high as only few actually manage to achieve this score at the GMAT. Therefore we offer a special 1-on-1 elite program in addition to our Essential courses. Depending on your current level, we recommend to consider our additional courses as well.

Additional courses

If you are not good at maths or if you haven’t practised math for some time, we would advise you to participate in our Basic Math course. This course gives you an overview of the Basic Math rules and will help you to solve quant problems quicker. This course can be taken before or during your Quantitative course.

Are you a bit unsure about how to start or proceed with your self-study? Sign up for our self-study course, which will help you progress to the next level of GMAT knowledge.

The Bootcamp exam training is part of the regular Bootcamp. The difference is that the exam training skips the theoretical parts and focuses mostly on guided practising and completing timed sets. This course is a great additional GMAT training when you already have followed our Essential courses.