The GMAT is one of the most difficult admissions tests to pass, mainly because the test is unlike any test you have ever taken before. Firstly because it is an adaptive test, and secondly because there is a strict time limit, which can get you to a point where the questions get so difficult that it may no longer be possible to answer de question in the given time. This means that preparation for the GMAT doesn’t only mean studying the theory and practising some questions. You will need a clear strategy and well preparation to reach the score you are aiming for.

Why invest in a course?

An overview of the required theory, tips and tricks

It saves you a lot of time

Qualified instructors with above average score

Large focus on time management and strategy

Essential courses

Quantitative course Verbal course Full Bootcamp
Number of classes 5 4 4
Number of hours 20 10 28
Class materials included included Not included*
Student price € 279 € 169 € 380
Normal price € 349 € 219 € 460
  • A hand-out with theory is included, but you will also need an Official Guide for this course

Additional courses

Basic Math course How to self-study course Bootcamp exam training
Number of classes 2 2 4
Number of hours 6 4 22
Class materials included included Not included*
Price € 100,- €100,- €269,-
  • You will need an Official Guide for this course