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Our goal at GMAT Amsterdam is to provide you with best possible preparation for the GMAT. We have all the information that you need on the practical aspects of the GMAT. By phone, through email and Facebook we are always open to all your questions on the GMAT. We get a kick out of answering any possible question about the GMAT!

Besides the practical information we have serveral services concerning the content of the GMAT. Besides our Premaster Quantitative course and our Verbal course we also offer 1-on-1 tutoring. Each course is designed for a certain GMAT score. Want to find out which course suits your goal best? Click here! Want personal advice? Call us on +31 20 2600 110.

Each course gives a complete overview of all the theory. In case of the quantitative courses: Algebra Word Problems, Geometry, Number Properties, Probability and all subtopics. For the Verbal section we cover all relevant grammar, deconstruction of an argument and comprehensive reading skills. But our courses go beyond just explaining theory. Since the GMAT is not about mathematics nor English but rather reasoning skills, our courses are designed to make you understand the logics behind the GMAT problems.

We teach you every trick and all the shortcuts you need to answer the questions quickly and smartly. And of course we provide you with sufficient practice question to practice all these tricks!

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